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ON-Call/ Emergency Service

on-call/emergency serviceHow will your pet be cared for in the event you are taken to the hospital at a moment's notice, or have an emergency trip that forces you to leave town immediately?

The last thing you should worry about is making sure your pet is properly fed, walked, administered medication or given all the love and attention they're used to from you.

Our ON-Call/Emergency Service was created for the peace of mind of our clients and for the benefit of your faithful pet. Once enrolled, you can rest easy knowing that anytime the situation should arise when you can't be there for your pet due to emergency, we will be!

When you enroll in this unique service, you'll enjoy these great benefits:

  • 24/7 day or night access to your Alitia's Animals On-Call representative. You'll be given a direct phone number to utilize anytime the need should arise to alert our company of your situation. You may also give a family member or friend the contact number to call on your behalf.
  • Guaranteed placement and care for your pet for as long as needed.
  • Animal Pick-up and Drop-off. The last thing on your mind in the event of an emergency should be how your pet will get to the pet sitter's home. No worries! Alitia's Animals will arrange for animal pick up and drop off, as needed.
  • A set of keys, or other form of access, will be on hand by Alitia's Animals for your security and convenience.
  • Your On-Call Info Packet is kept on file and up-to-date. This packet includes any and all special instructions for your animal, such as vet contact info, animal feeding and medication instructions. You can also list any family, friends or neighbors you'd like us to notify in the event of an emergency.
  • A 10% discount on all services rendered.
  • Daily correspondence with your Alitia's Animals representative in the form you wish (phone, email, text messaging...) so you can be certain your pet is in good hands. This correspondence will also keep us updated on your specific situation.
  • A worry-free time away from your pet.

Enroll today for your peace of mind and the well-being of your loving pet... Please call us now to speak with our On-Call/Emergency Service specialist!

Service Fees: Enrollment is just $5 per month with a one-time enrollment fee of $29

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